Supercontinent Ltd

A telephone adventure in a far-off future


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Supercontinent Ltd is a graphic adventure set in a distant future where you play a hacker trying to get information by phone. Your character has access to a revolutionary technology that lets him change his voice whenever he wants, but he needs to use an old landline phone to get the information he's looking for.

You have to investigate the office to find clues about whom to call, then use the numeric keypad to manually enter the phone numbers. Once you're on the phone with someone, you have to decide what to say. It's also important to first choose the voice you want to use, since you can only get certain information if you choose the right voice.

Supercontinent Ltd is an outstanding graphic adventure with an awesome atmosphere, an entertaining story, and some really original puzzles. Yet another fantastic game from Deconstructeam, developers of the no less brilliant Gods Will Be Watching.
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